Toronto Knitter’s Frolic 2016

APRIL 2016


Have you ever been to a yarn event or conference?

Last Saturday I attended the yearly yarn event that is held here in Toronto – Toronto Knitters Frolic. Who attended, what was the event about, who sold what, trends?

On a beautiful spring morning I went to the Japanese Cultural Centre to attend the first yarn conference in my life. I didn’t even know that things such as a yarn conference existed!

I got there at about 9:30 and there was a long line-up to get in already. Hard to find a parking spot as well.

Fortunately, the line-up moved fast and after about 15 minutes we were in!


Once in, I let myself carried away by the flock of people and started with the vendors whose booths were not so busy. From what I could see the busiest vendors were the ones on the left of the entrance. I didn’t get all the vendors’ names but some of the busiest were The Purple Purl, Knit-o-matic, The Needle Emporium.

I really liked to study peoples’ preferences, which booths they were going to, what they were buying or selling.

For me, it was a good opportunity to touch and feel different kinds of yarn. I had a misconception that all yarn was scratchy and itchy but I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that there was very soft attractive yarn out there, just waiting for me to knit with it!

A few interesting things from this event:

  • Lots of lace yarn for shawls;
  • Shawls were very popular – everybody was wearing one that they made. Most vendors had shawls exhibited on wooden models
  • Lots of yarn in strong, saturated colors: yellow, blue, purple
  • Lots of merino combined with silk, alpaca
  • Lots of bulky yarn


What I bought: one little spindle and a little felt cat making kit. No yarn, even though I would have wanted to get one skein of each!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I will go again.

Have you been to the Toronto Knitters Frolic? Did you like it? What did you buy?

Leave me a comment in the section below.




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