Esperanza Shawl – Easy shawl for beginner crocheters

The Esperanza Shawl

If you’re new to crocheting this is an easy shawl to make. All you have to do is just do flowers and join them as you go along.

See this pattern and 2 other easy ones here.

Working on this shawl will give you satisfaction – it is growing rapidly and the flowers are easy to make once you’ve made a few first ones (I recommend practicing with spare yarn until you can make the flower, then you can start the shawl with the chosen yarn).

The shawl is made in Manos del Uruguay Alegria, color Pewter A2545, a gray with soft tones of white. I bought the yarn from Knit-o-matic, in Toronto.

img_2673 img_2689

My Esperanza shawl (I gave it this name, it seems inspiring) is made from the pattern on the Youtube channel Tejiendo Peru, run by Esperanza and Ana Celia Rosas. It’s an easy pattern and very well explained. After I finished the shawl I posted a photo of it on my Instagram feed and Tejiendo Peru reposted the photo, I was so proud of myself (especially because it was my first crocheted shawl!).

Tip: watch the video first, then take a notebook and write the flower pattern so you can refer to it without pausing and restarting the video. Once you know how to make the flowers, watch the video for explanations on how to join them. I find that when I learn how to make something it’s harder if I have to pause and restart the video than just following my notes.


I hope you get to make it and if you do, please post a comment with a picture and share your thoughts about the project!


The Esperanza Shawl

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