Guest Post – Make a simple dress gorgeous with crochet

Photo credits: Alina Delcea


Today’s tutorial is written by Alina Delcea, who designs beautiful decorations and clothing. 16425657_1376848849012353_403998443_nShe crochets from an early age and enjoys teaching this art to other people through her workshops held in Brasov, Romania.

You can reach Alina on Facebook, either her personal profile or her page @AlinaDdesign.




We’re going to make this beautiful dress. In this tutorial Alina is also showing how to cut the dress to the pattern because of course…she’s also a handy seamstress! If you don’t know how to sew, that’s OK, just buy a plain straight tunic or t-dress and apply the crochet flowers, either on it, directly in the shape you desire or on the pocket.

Let’s start!

Cut and sew the dress to the pattern. This pattern has a pocket on the dress, can be on either side. The flowers will be sewed on the pocket.

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

Start making the crochet flowers.

To make one flower follow these steps:

On your index finger, wrap the yarn 10 times:

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

Unwrap the yarn and make one single crochet, then chain 1, *wrap the yarn on the hook, make another single crochet without closing it*, repeat from * 4 times, single crochet through all 5 loops, chain 3, 1 single crochet to close off the petal.

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

Repeat the above steps for each petal until you have 5 petals.

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

Proceed with making all flowers in your chosen colors until you have enough to cover the pocket of the dress or if you don’t have a pocket, for the shape you desire.

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

Sew each flower onto the pocket and that’s it! You will have a personalized beautiful dress! 

Photo credits: Alina Delcea

When you get to do the dress post a comment with a picture either here or on Alina’s timeline, can’t wait to see your creation!

You can get in touch with Alina on Facebook, see what else she has in the making and admire some of her other beautiful designs.

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