Kalmar Zoltan, you make me miss home! 

Between going to work and taking care of my home, I dream about living in my home country.

Photo credit: Kalmar Zoltan

I left Romania when I was 20, first to go to Spain, where I stayed for about two and a half years and then to come here, to Canada, where I’ve been living for about 15 years.

When I left Romania I was eager to start my life somewhere else. Lack of money and job perspectives made me do what so many other Romanians did – looking for a better life somewhere else.

Canada is my home now but part of my soul is still in Romania.

Today I want to introduce to you a great photographer: Kalmar Zoltan. He lives in Baia Mare, Maramures, and does takes great pictures of the region surrounding our home city.

Every time I look at these pictures I just want to be back home. The image that I have of Romania in my brain is of those rolling hills of Maramures, the simple people and life. When I’m here I only see the best of Romania but when I’m there I’m struggling to feel comfort and belonging.

I guess this is a problem that many immigrants have after living in another country for so long: they want to be home but they also got used to where they are living, so they don’t really belong in their home country or where they live. 

I wish I had more opportunities to go home but Canada is so far away that I can only go there once a year. All I can do in the meantime is to look at pictures and dream. If a picture touches my soul, brings out my emotions, that picture is for me the best.

Take a look at these pictures and let the images sync in, let yourselves dream of these magic places. You can find more pictures on Zoltan’s personal Facebook profile.

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