Yarnshops: Eweknit Toronto

From the series World Yarn Shops I present today a gorgeous Toronto yarn store full of color, light and modern things.

This past weekend it was Family day in Canada. That means an extra day of vacation instead of a working day and this year it was a Monday.

Those who live in Canada know that on a holiday, most of the shops are closed, the only ones being open are the ones closer to the tourist areas in downtown.

Eweknit is probably the only yarn store in Toronto that was open on a Monday holiday and the shop was full with people. I guess there’s lots of them out there who enjoy spending time in a cozy and colorful yarn store on a winter day.

I love a clean, luminous, orderly store, regardless of what it is for sale. I love colors and boy, did this store have lots of them!

From the outside, the store window invites you in with colorful window display.



Once you’re inside, the multitude of colors and yarn variety lures you into touching, looking and dreaming about all the things you could do with that yarn!

You could spend hours in this store without having the notion of time – I did three tours of the store and didn’t touch or viewed every item I wanted: knitting, sewing and crocheting books carefully displayed like in a book store, knitted samples of cute kids sweaters and dresses, of shawls and afghans, modern displays, yarn orderly arranged by brand and color, fabrics (this is a sewing store too) in all colors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The staff was also super helpful, encouraging people to ask questions, answering inquiries, and providing assistance – even though it was a holiday and they were working, both ladies attending in the store were cheerful, upbeat and happy to help.

I loved the fact that everything was prepared for the customer: a brochure with the photo and pattern placed closed to the knitted sample, a knitted shawl placed in a basket full of linen yarn skeins to invite you to use that yarn, a strategically placed book with modern knits just next to a soft cashmere yarn. You can see that the owner is taking great pride in how the store looks and feels to the customer.

And it’s worth the effort because I had a wonderful experience and I will definitely go back AND buy more yarn and books!

Eweknit have a blog as well where you can find beautiful pictures and the patterns they use for the items displayed in their store. You can also take some lessons, just check out their website for what’s available.

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Any yarn shops you recommend? Leave me a comment!



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