2 Trends For Handmade 2017

If you have or thinking about putting together a handmade business, please watch this video and others from Renae Christine.

I recently discovered her and really like how’s she’s giving us good information about specifically the ‘handmade’ business.

My two cents on the matter? Planning is key. Try to plan for a few months in advance and decide on the products that go with that timeline.

If you plan for summer you have to start a few months in advance: study the trends for that year’s summer, think about a product line, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

Writing things down helps you organize your ideas, set goals and seeing things on paper will make you more accountable.

I know, there’s just so much information out there and we have so many things to do but so little time!


Do you have other tips for planning and choosing products for the business? How do you do it? Share it here with your fellow makers.

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