These are not the typical doilies

These coasters started from the need to use up the linen that I had bought for another project. I had about 50 grams in white and beige European Louet linen. One of the things I can’t stand is to have things sitting around without being used. So I HAD to use it up.

I got the idea of making some coasters from a crochet pattern that is not too pretentious and is airy, didn’t want to end up with doilies which I dislike so much! I started making them to see what they looked like and as I went along I just started to love them! So cute and small, perfect to rest a glass of wine, elegant and modern! Plus the linen gives stitches high definition and is a rough fiber, which I really like. To make them stiffer I used a bit of Mod Podge Stiffy and they came out almost as hard as cardboard.

These are not your typical doilies. They are the perfect combination of a traditional art such as crochet and a natural fiber to make a simple yet modern product.

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