We’re going on vacation!

This week we are going on vacation! Want to know what projects am I taking along?

After many back and forth’s we finally decided to go on a summer vacation.¬†For us, a vacation usually means going to Europe, in particular to Romania for about a week and somewhere else for a few days.

Of course I cannot go away without a project to work on but when you have multiple project on the go it’s hard to decide which to take along.

What criteria did I use to decide which projects will make the cut?

  • project is light, highly portable
  • is easy on my hands (lately my wrists and finger joints hurt, could be an early onset of arthritis)
  • is not complicated – I won’t have time to give it a lot of effort
  • has to bring me joy – usually accomplished by simple stitches and happy colors

My Happy Thoughts project made the cut because it meets the criteria above. It’s just pure joy and repetitive enough that I can have a conversation and not be afraid I’m going to mess something up.

Here’s me embroidering while waiting to board the airplane in Toronto. I didn’t have my needle confiscated and I was happy I could kill some time working on this project.

Project by TamarNahirYanai

I have to tell you that I felt quite happy and different in a good way: while most people were on their phone, I was doing something creative. I felt like I was not wasting my time, which is the feeling that I get many times when I find myself browsing aimlessly on my phone.

I will keep you posted on progress on this project and other fun things from my vacation. Check out my Projects page to see the end result from this Happy Thoughts project.


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