Loving the moustache

One of the projects that I took with me on vacation this summer was a cross stitch project, simple to stitch and carry with me pretty much everywhere I went…like on this Playa de San Juan, close to Alicante, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Sitting on a patio, looking at the blue sea, surrounded by manicured gardens is a heaven for me. Add a project that I love doing and I have the perfect setting to be happy just to be there, a feeling that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Playa de San Juan, close to Alicante

I’m just mesmerized by this view!
First few crosses are taking shape

Cross stitching is not a fast thing to do. Going through every little hole to cover even a small area, takes patience! It is very rewarding however to see how little by little the crosses come together to form a shape.

This time a moustache shape! I totally love the end result of this project, I’m not sure yet what the final product will be but I’m loving it just the way it is!

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