Hi, my name is Georgia Motoc.

I was born in Romania, in a little town in Transylvania called Baia Mare.

Women in my life strongly influenced the way I grew up: my grandmothers, my mother and school teachers were creative people who thrived in doing needle art (goblen), sewing, knitting and crocheting.

I grew up during the 80s when in Romania all women were doing some kind of needle craft and people were very resourceful in making their own clothes and recycling materials for home wares.

In all this surrounding creativity, it was the natural choice for a girl to turn to needle art or learn other crafts. Kind of typical for that period, but I’m glad now that it was this way.

I can’t remember who taught me how to knit, maybe it was my mom, maybe a school teacher. I didn’t really pursued it except as a hobby and soon after I finished the elementary school I gave it up as it went out of fashion, less and less people were knitting.

I noticed however, that there is always a recurring theme for me: in key moments of my life I turn to the creative world. It is proven how doing things with your hands and being immersed in learning new practical things takes your mind away from less pleasant things – the daily routine, working a corporate job that you doesn’t fulfill you, or chores.

Many times throughout the years I felt the need to have my own ‘something’ that I like to do, something to be passionate about, and something to look forward to. There had to be something more than going to work, sitting on a chair for 7 hours, coming home, cooking dinner, scrolling mindlessly on Facebook and going to bed.

Now that I’ve turned 40, more and more every day I feel this need to live the way I want and to ‘make a difference’. Everything is so superficial and fast nowadays – I feel like we are bombarded with information and there is no time for just taking our time, do what we like, to just be in the moment. Especially with a 9 to 5 job, I feel that there isn’t much time for anything else.

As I discovered through many things that I’ve tried, that ‘something’ for me is working with fiber, whether it’s yarn, string or anything else. Every time I create an object using the craft that I’m passionate about, I fall in love with fabrics, colors and I just want to do more and more! I feel totally immersed in the process – from reading a pattern, to choosing yarn (such a hard choice!), to building the project step by step. I feel like I am in the moment.

Consider this website a call to action, to find your passion in fiber arts, to help your kids build creative skills for the future and to make friends in the fiber art community!