Bulky flower top

crochet flowers 5

Who said crochet is outdated? These amazing bulky flowers look stylish, modern and they are functional. 

I started to crochet these flowers just because I had some yarn in my stash that needed to go away. I was just crocheting them one by one without having in mind exactly what I am going to use them for.

This is what happens to me so many times – I make something without having a clear idea in my mind of how I am going to use that product. With time, I’ve learned to trust my creativity and just go with the flow. No idea now, but as time goes by, I see those flowers every day, I get to love them and I know that an idea will come.

For sure, the idea came one day when all of a sudden, I just pictured myself with an over-sized top full of these flowers.

It took me a while to find the perfect top (it had to be something modern to make the flowers fashionable, not too light because the flowers were heavy, and the perfect color to match the color of the flowers) but I think I did.

crochet flowers 2

I decided that it looked better with some flowers on the sleeves only rather than all over. It would have been too busy and I like simple, minimalist things. Plus, I’m petite so a big bulky sweater is just too much for me. I can see a full flower sweater though on somebody who is taller and lean – I think it would look very cool!

The flowers are just hand sewn on the top, nothing fancy. It’s a super easy way to transform a regular boring piece of clothing into something different, interesting. Plus, they make the top warmer and cozier.

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I think it looks good, what do you think?

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