Beginner embroidery project

Original project from Etsy shop TamarNahirYanai

Embroidery projects are easy to take with you on vacation. My first stab at embroidery has been with this happy, portable project that was the perfect size for taking with me in my carry-on bag while travelling to Romania.

After many thoughts about what projects to take with me on vacation, I nailed it down to two: this Happy Thoughts embroidery and a Mr Moustache cross-stitch project.

Do you love having something to do with your hands while sitting on a patio, at the pool or visiting with friends? Me too! So these two projects were perfect.

Here’s me embroidering while waiting to board the airplane at Toronto Pearson:


Working on the same project while waiting for a car to pick us up, in front of our hotel in Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania:

This whole project took me about 3 weeks to do but I didn’t work on it every day. I like the idea of doing a project on vacation – when I look at that project it brings back memories from that vacation.

Finally, below is the finished project which will end up as a gift for somebody very dear to me. I like the special message of this embroidery. Having it on the wall will be a nice reminder that happy thoughts will grow flowers and beautiful plants in our mind garden, not weeds.

happy th 1
Project stitched by me


Have you ever tried doing embroidery? What did you think – do you like it or not? What projects would you recommend for beginners?

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