Vintage vibes

Do you like the doilies you have but just keep them somewhere in a drawer, hidden from the eyes? Perhaps they are of sentimental value but you think they are old-fashioned?

You’re not the only one. There’s tons of ways to recycle doilies and make something interesting with them. All you need is imagination!

If you’re not one of those super creative people, head to Pinterest for some ideas.

For now, I have compiled some photos to get you started:


I had given myself a challenge this start of year and said that I can’t buy any new supplies or materials until I finish off what I already have at home. I’ve used one motif that I cut from a big doily, watercolor paper (just because I had it and it is thicker so it looks good as a mat), a frame from an old photo and voila!

The frame really makes a difference, my favorite is the spiky rustic one.

I also like the simplicity of them – just one motif on a white paper, with a simple frame.


Which one do you like best? What other combinations would you use?

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